What’s Around Me?

By | July 16, 2009

Maps. Combining search with maps and reviews is one of the most interesting emerging areas of advertising.

What could be better than being able to identify and pinpoint something I want now, knowing what other people think about it, and where it’s located relative to me. What’s it called?, what’s it like?, and where is it? – the basic components of local business ads.

For instance, what if I wanted a great organic salad in San Francisco? How to get it? You can do a search on Google Maps (e.g., organic salad near San Francisco, CA) or do the same on a service like Yelp.

Yelp had better results in my experience for this particular search and slightly more interesting reviews, but the ones on Google Maps were also good, and it gave me a better sense of where the place was and how I could get there.

More and more I think when people want to discover what’s available around them, they’re going to think, “map,” which online now additionally means peer review and info on proximity. And that’s a pretty cool way to find and be found.


Update: And there I was . . .

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  • jdawords

    Reviewing. It's an art. Fascinating how in the ubiquity of web words and the culture of free, we move at once away and directly toward better quality.

    • http://brooksjordan.name brooksjordan

      So true, I wonder if it necessarily has to be like that, losing quality experiences and things to gain others, or if it's laziness on our part?

      I mean, in this case, I can still wander and happen upon a cool eatery, but at other times I can locate it precisely.

      • jdawords


        For example: I found a great bar to watch a Cal game last spring, sans “smart” device. Well, or the device I used was my own “smart device,” once known as the sixth sense. Inexact, random, and often perfect. I could've punched in some coordinates on an iPhone and been shown my bar options. This form of guidance did cross my mind. On the other hand, I like letting–luck, Providence, kismet, fate, fill-in-the-blank–dictate. It's more fun because it's risky.

        Can we strike a balance? Both methods have their merits, yet I fear the ancient method will suffer. Developing the sixth sense is key! Use the FORCE, Luke!

        • http://brooksjordan.name brooksjordan

          And not just a balance, but using them in parallel or even simultaneously is, for me, where the sweet spot is.