Marketing Built In

By | October 8, 2009

I met a developer in a coffee shop a couple days ago near 24th and Castro in San Francisco who works for Mozilla and was coding the latest version of Firefox (in C++). It helped that I was flying those colors on that particular day.

We were talking about marketing things on the Web, and she said “the best way to market something is to get people who love it to tell their friends about it.” We all know it, but it was clear to me she knew from experience what she was talking about.

If you should remember one thing when it comes to a healthy diet it’s probably: Sugar is bad for you!

And for Web marketing, that one thing: Create something worth talking about!

Right, right this has always been true. But the Web has brought the thing and the marketing of the thing closer than ever before. You can’t collapse one into the other, but in Web-life 2.5 they are deeply interpenetrating and symbiotic.

The Web is interactive from the core out through its many layers of hardware, software, and interface. And that holds true both between you and your audience and those people and their network. This is why your offering and the sharing of it (marketing) is much more intertwined than before the Web or Web-life 1.0. Interactivity is simply going to be much more integrated into what you make and the way people talk about it.

And that’s why you want to create something worth talking about . . . because marketing is built in.

Singers Amanda Palmer and Matthew Ebel created something worth talking about yesterday when they sang live for us on

In a response to a live song Matthew had just done, Amanda tweeted:


So, I did, and it was completely original, and NOW, and awesome, and now I’m talking about it. You know it when someone has created something worth talking about. Now I want to know even more about them, now I want their music, now I want to tell my friends about them.

The marketing was built into the music, perfectly.


  • Matthew Ebel

    Hey, thanks for mentioning it! I hope to see you at next week's show too. :)