Yeah, the Big Shift Is On

By | December 3, 2009

Push to pull.

Stocks of knowledge to flows of knowledge.

Transactions to relationships.

Scalable efficiency to scalable peer-to-peer learning.

Paychecks to passion.

Incomes to outcomes.

What is the Big Shift?

Better yet, absorb the Big Shift – the somewhat unnerving and rapid move away from an economy based on transactions to one based on long term trust-based relationships – at today’s awesome opening panel at Supernova 2009.

I’d say grasping the Big Shift and its characteristics is going to be essential, and by grasping I mean deeply internalizing its meaning and movement and measurements, if we’re going to be able to create the businesses and institutions that first sustain us and then allow us to thrive in the next two or three decades.

How could you not be passionate about helping to create this shift? How could you not want to participate in a positive outcome? But to participate, you almost have to grow a new brain, a better skeleton and completely new muscles with some kind of bio-skin, but, if not that, one better at least take on a radically new outlook about what has value – what is value – and what creates it.

On that note, Lang Davison, who authored The 2009 Shift Index along with John Hagel and John Seely Brown, posted on Facebook today that he’s reviewing a proof of their upcoming book, “The Power of Pull” (out in March 2010). I’ll be gettin’ it.


(Watch this panel, yo.)

  • Taylor Davidson

    Watched, yo. :)

    • brooksjordan

      Don't you love that part when Umair say every time he listens to John his head almost explodes. :)

      • Taylor Davidson

        I know the feeling. But I have a hunch Umair's head explodes differently than everyone else's :)

        • brooksjordan

          No doubt. Actually, John has the rare effect of producing calm as he's lighting the room on fire. Jedi. :)