About Me

I build social business communities.

Product manager and digital strategist passionate about making organizations smarter and more nimble through social collaboration software. I launched a social business platform from scratch for BlackRock, the largest asset management firm in the world, and helped build it into a thriving online community for 10,000 employees.

One managing director at BlackRock said “This project has been a great success, certainly the best global roll out of any project that I’ve seen at the firm so far.”

See more details in my Linkedin profile: http://inkedin.com/in/brooksjordan

Create Community

Along with understanding the importance of attention, knowing how to create community is the most important thing a business has going for it today. More important even than strategy. The mobile, options-rich Web has made community the basis for creating value.

This is because when millions of people have access to each other to make billions of decisions they rely on one another to evaluate products and services, what’s culturally significant, and how to spend their time and money.

Naturally, connected people or consumers wisely invest their attention where they’ll get the most return: each other. So businesses that create a “rich, serendipitous environment,” in the words of John Hagel, naturally get the greater benefit of this bounded attention economy.

Attention can’t be demanded when it comes to social business and digital marketing, only invited. And that invitation, very practically, is community on the Web and in the enterprise.